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Lawn Care - Important and Certainly not Neglected

Lawn care is an important part of the way we spend our leisure time. We mow it discuss it, weed it our yard is a piece of our property. So Lawns naturally became an important part of our living environment. We take care of them, water them and nurture our grassland the wholeCaring for your Lawn summer long.

American Lawns are famous, in fact could you imagine a suburban area without them? So no questions about that. Lately Lawns became under attack by the Eco Movement because they were supposed to be Eco Unfriendly. Wasting water, and polluting ground water with the Fertilizers, or Lawns were held responsible for a lot of unpleasantness in our society.

First of all its psychological right to validate part of your opponents issues, and perhaps we sometimes overdo fertilizing a bit. And this issue is easily solved. If we compost the grass we get by mowing the lawn our need for Fertilizers will drastically be reduced. Biological Fertilizers are readily available thus reducing the need for chemicals even more.

Ecological Advantages of our Lawn

What was left unnoted in this attack is the fact that lawns play an important part in our eco system. Through the process of photosynthesis our back yard reduces carbon dioxide levels because they use this Greenhouse gas to produce Oxygen. Further our grass filters fine dust particles from the air.

The root system functions as a natural glue to keep the fertile top layer soil together. It is a weapon in the battle against erosion. The different Turf grass varieties we know are especially well known for their purification process.

Did you know that the yard surrounding our houses is taking up a lot of the suns radiation, and therefore has a cooling effect on our living space? Well it does, and therefore we can do with less air conditioning.

Since these accusations were made without significant scientific backup we can conclude in the same manner that the ecological impact our lawns is positive or neutral in a worst case scenario. And don't forget the value to our well being we receive, our kids play in the backyard, the dog, well he can't live without it.

What would Dad be without his lawnmower to work on, I know I'm and I'm not going to make stupid jokes about it. But fact remains that this activity provides a well taken care off yard and he is in a much better mood afterwards.

Perhaps we should be more cautious with the use of certain fertilizer products, since all we actually need for healthy lawn the nitrogen it contains. And their are biological friendly composting products available. Weed Control is necessary. But if you read proper information about the how to of good weed control you will notice that a lot of our use of chemicals is not necessary.

A well controlled lawn grows well structured soil, aeration measures are taken, and this is good news for the supporting organisms inhabiting the ground.

To conclude our green space is not a liability but an asset to our ecological system, provided that good responsible lawn care is provided. ek.

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