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Care For Your Young Seeded Lawn — The Right Start

New Turf — Help It Spring Up Green!

Whether you seed your lawn in fall or spring, care for your newly seeded lawn is a little different than care for established turf. For instance, an established lawn needs only about an inch of water a week and stays healthier if watered deeply once a week than if watered too frequently. However, keep your newly seeded lawn moist for about three weeks or until all the seed has sprouted. In addition, rather than watering deeply, experts recommend shallow watering (five to ten minutes), three or four times a day.

Spring starts in Autumn

If you seeded your lawn last fall, don’t despair if last autumn’s new growth looks dead. In cool weather, many grasses go dormant. Give your lawn a couple of weeks to green up before you think about re-seeding. The grass seed in the soil will sprout. Usually the soil has enough nutrients so fertilization is mostly not necessary. Depending on your soil quality annual fertilization can be advantageous when the seedlings mature.... Its a matter of time and care to grow a disease free lawn mower and lawn care home turf. In my opinion a self seeded lawn is one of the pleasures of gardening. Make sure you give it the care needed.

Don’t mow your newly seeded lawn until it’s grown about one-third taller than its optimum height. Then, when you mow, go slowly so that you don’t disturb new root growth. After mowing your new lawn, you water again and keep the topsoil moist for about six weeks. Then your newly seeded grass will have become an established lawn.

Chances are you’ll see a few weeds in your new lawn. Here’s a surprise! Leave them alone. Pulling weed from newly seeded grass does more harm than good since along with weeds, you’ll destroy some of the new root growth. After about four mowings, it should be safe to weed. However, by then it may be unnecessary since your hardy lawn will have smothered many of them and other will have been destroyed by mowing.

Give the right care to your new lawn now and you may be able to say good-bye to your seed spreader!

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