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Garden Lawn Care

Organic Lawn and Garden Care is the new way of caring for both human and environment. Spring is the best time to start a new lawn, here are some tips you want to keep in mind.

So to ensure a successful season for your green thumb lets go:

The two Basics Are About the Soil

  • Loosen the soil around your perennial plants to let them absorb the welcome spring rains.
  • Compost is a versatile material that can benefit every type of soil. Top-dress your lawn with a layer of compost that is fine enough to fall down and reach the soil. Use coarser organic matter for garden care.

With the basics in mind you can start tweaking :

  1. The addition of compost or peat moss to clay soils helps keep clumps from forming and improves drainage.
  2. Alternatively, enriching sandy soil helps it retain moisture so that it won’t run off before plants can use it.
  3. If you have loam, you are either a very prudent or a very lucky gardener. Still, a top dressing of compost lets spring rains replenish nutrients that have leeched out over winter.
  4. When your lawn begins to green-up and grow, aerate it with a core aerator to improve drainage and add some air to your soil.
  5. Take care of bare spots in your yard. Before weeds begin to grow is a great time to create a tree ring under a large deciduous tree.
  6. An investment in some lawn cloth and decorative mulch not only makes a barren area attractive, it defines a border for mowing and edging.
  7. Other bare spots in your lawn may just need amendment. When in doubt, have your county extension agent or lawn and garden care professional do a soil test to help you determine what your soil needs.

Prepare potted plants for the outdoors by spiking them with cinnamon sticks, which will keep dogs, cats, squirrels and rabbits away!

Marigolds and petunias planted around the edge of your garden also keep the neighborhood fauna away from your flora!

Organic lawn and garden care methods give you an environmentally safe, attractive outdoors that is healthy for both you and your gardening projects. Starting to care for your lawn and garden before you plant paves the way for a healthy, chemical-free, lush-growing landscape that you’ll enjoy all summer long!

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