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Hydro Mulching - Effective Lawn Planting



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Hydro Mulching – Efficient Lawn Planting

Hydro mulching is an efficient method of planting grass. It is more economical than traditional sodding and provides a fast way to plant grass over a large area.

How it Works

The basics of this technique are done by mixing grass seed, mulch, fertilizer and water in a large tank. The resulting mixture is sprayed on the ground where initial growth is encouraged by the ideal conditions provided by the mixture.

Perfect For Golf Courses As Well

When applied to smooth ground, the resulting grass will have a neat and manicured appearance. Hydro mulching is ideal for golf courses which require smooth surfaces.

Great Advantage - Weed Free

Since the mixture which is applied by Hydro mulching process is weed free, the initial growth will also be weed free. However, there may be weed seeds present in the soil which will grow after the initial application.

How it is Composted

The mulching material of the mixture is composed of processed wood or paper. The fibrous nature of the mulch inhibits soil erosion. It is usually dyed green. This allows the operator to apply the mixture evenly while Hydro mulching and also has an aesthetically more pleasing appearance.

In addition to inhibiting soil erosion, this form of composting retains moisture in the soil which is necessary for the seeds to germinate. Sometimes the mulch is enhanced through the use of a tackifier - a substance which “glues” the soil to the mulch.

The technique has many applications. It is ideal for planting large areas of grass along Highway construction sites and reclaimed mine sites. It is seeing increased use in residential lawn planting for new lawns. It is also frequently used in the construction of new golf courses.

Quickly Establish Grassy Areas

Did you know that this type of soil preparation and enhancement can be used to quickly establish grassy areas. Under ideal conditions, the grass will be ready to cut within three or four weeks. Well established turf that can withstand the conditions of playing football can be established within three months.

Sod Farming Takes of the Soils Top Layer

Working with this form of mulching is much cheaper than sod application and much more environmentally friendly.

Sod farming strips the most valuable top layer of soil and requires intensive chemical fertilization. Applying grass seed through Hydro mulching is much less labor-intensive than laying sod. Although more expensive than simple seeding, Hydro mulching has a higher “take” rate - more seeds will actually grow.

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