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Lawn Sprinklers

Your lawn needs one to two inches of water each week during the growing season. Although you could spend your leisure time meticulously watering your turf with a garden hose, lawn sprinklers save time and provide the precision you need to keep your grass green and healthy.

When purchasing a sprinkler system, consider ease of use and efficiency as well as cost. Although one type of system may be less expensive than another, more expensive system may prove to be more cost effective over the long term.

Sprinkler systems are either underground or hose-end.

Underground irrigation systems, although more expensive than hose-end sprinklers, are the most efficient way to water your lawn. Programmable automatic timers make sure your lawn gets a scheduled drink even when you’re away from lawn mower and lawn care home. Some systems even have in-ground moisture sensors that water the lawn only when the soil is dry.

Because they’re less expensive, hose-end sprinklers are more common than underground watering systems. Although you have to position most hose-end systems to water the areas that need it, adding an inexpensive timer improves a system's efficiency in watering your lawn. Five different types of hose-end systems offer varying degrees of precision and ease of use.

Stationary sprinklers, typically shaped like a box or cone, broadcast water through a pattern of holes in a set design such as circles, spirals, swirls, or rectangular arcs. Usually the least expensive sprinkler, stationary sprinklers are still effective in quickly watering small lawns or patches of turf.

Another type of sprinkler designed for small to mid-sized lawns is the rotary sprinkler. These units have twisted “arms” that revolve and spray water through either fixed or adjustable tips. Adjustable models cost more, but are more versatile in that they offer you a choice of mist or spray, let you change the radius they cover, and convert them to a stationary system by using a locking collar.

The oscillating sprinkler is a common site in many neighborhoods as it directs water from one side of the lawn to the other. Most oscillaters douse areas from 20 to 30 feet in a fan-shaped, rectangular pattern as the metal arm in their center weaves back and forth.

Pulsating (impulse) sprinklers usually deliver effective coverage for large areas and require less pressure than other hose-end systems. Because they broadcast water closer to the ground, pulse systems are more wind-resistant than other types of sprinklers, resulting in more efficient coverage.

Traveling or creeping sprinklers are self-propelled systems that work one of two ways; wind-ups follow a track or cord that you lay out for them and tractor sprinklers cross the yard, following the pattern of your hose. For both types, it’s handy to have a shut-off valve nearby and stay in the area to keep an eye on them. Tractor types, like unruly children, may sometimes creep over to the neighbor’s yard!

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