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Lawn Rollers

Lawn rollers have various uses from helping to level new tilled earth to spreading compost on established turf. When getting ready to lay new sod, a lawn roller can help establish proper drainage patterns and create that are attractive as well as easy to maintain.

When laying new sod, a lawn roller is essential. After the sod is in place, using the roller to tamp it down takes out air pockets and pushes the roots of your sod into contact with your soil. When filling in bare spots with plugs or sprigs of turf, the lawn roller works in the same way. After planting plugs, rolling over them with a half-filled lawn roller keeps the area “on the level” and helps it to merge easily with established grass. When seeding your lawn, using a lawn roller helps to push seed evenly into the soil without covering it too deeply.

In spring, use a lawn roller to smooth out bumps and dips left from winter frosts and thaws. After aerating your lawn, you can use your lawn roller to smash the plugs left by core aeration. Smoothing out the bumps with a lawn roller not only evens out your lawn, but also helps fill in the gaps with loosened earth. Some models even have aerator attachments that make aerating easier.

In addition to smoothing bumps and pressing seed or sod into the soil, you can also use some models of lawn roller for spreading seed or top dressing your turf with fine compost or mulch.

Although most yard and garden rental outlets offer lawn rollers for rent, the lawn roller is a handy tool with many uses. You may want to consider purchasing one as a permanent addition to your yard and garden equipment cache. Lawn roller attachments are available for many models of yard and garden tractors. However, manual models are generally less expensive and more useful for small areas and small lawns.

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