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Deciduous trees are beautiful, but they all have one thing in common. Big or small, sooner or later they’re going to drop their leaves, leaving a you with a huge amount of lawn debris. If you live in an urban area, chances are in addition to leaf litter, you get your share of human litter. Pop cans, food wrappers, flyers, and plastic bags seem determined to make your yard, especially your shrubbery, into the neighborhood garbage dump. Electric lawn products like lawn vacuums and blowers can be your solution.

It used to be that cleaning up your yard meant that you armed yourself with a box of bags, a rake, and a pair of gardening gloves to combat the rubble. However, today you can clear your lawn of leaves, twigs, paper, wood shavings, and other debris with a great piece of lawn care equipment, the lawn vacuum. And if your are thinking big... you can always go for a real Power Vacuum

Lawn vacuums are available in several models that make clean-up easy, for all size lawns. Some are as small and easy to use as a weed trimmer. Walk-behind models make vacuuming your lawn as easy as mowing it and several models can easily be attached to riding mowers and lawn tractors to take care of trash on even the largest lawn. In addition to cleaning up leaves and twigs, most types are powerful enough to pick up paper, wood shavings and the other trash that accumulates in your yard.

More over, even the larger walk behinds and rider models frequently have flexible hose attachment kits that let you get in close to shrubbery without fear of damaging your plants. Some models even have discharge hoses that empty their reservoirs, making bagging a quick and easy chore.

If you’re tired of manipulating that rake and the bending and stooping that normally goes with lawn clean up, find the model of lawn vacuum that’s right for you at your favorite lawn mower and lawn care home improvement shop or gardening and lawn care store.

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