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What do ice cream and rowboats have to do with lawn mowers?

The next time melted ice cream drips from the bottom of your cone, be grateful. Melted ice cream was the seed that eventually sprouted the Lawn-Boy® lawn mower!

Back in 1904, Ole Evinrude resolved to design a boat motor after presenting his fiancé with a soggy gift of ice cream, which had melted under the hot summer sun as he rowed across Okauchee Lake in Wisconsin. Evinrude finished his outboard motor design in 1907 and it was this that eventually led to the birth of the Lawn-Boy® mower.

In 1934 Ralph Evinrude, Ole Evinrude’s son, became president of the Evinrude company and released the first one-handed reel power mower that was the predecessor of today’s Lawn-Boy® lawnmowers. In 1936, the mower got its name and was sold as the Evinrude Lawnboy lawnmower. Since that time, Lawn-Boy® has been a leader in lawn care equipment and today has a complete line of lawnmower’s, snow throwers, and roto-tillers.

When you need to purchase a new lawnmower, with Lawn-Boy® you have excellent choices.

• Lawn-Boy® drive systems include push mowers, self-propelled models, and new models that adjust to your stride as you mow the lawn.
• Decks are available in both 14 gauge steel and cast aluminum.
• Choose your favorite two-cycle or four-cycle engine from Duraforce, Tecumseh, Honda, or Briggs & Stratton.
• Both the traditional recoil (hand pull) and electric start systems are available along with a new Blade Control System that Lawn-Boy® is set to introduce in 2005. This system stops the mower blade when you walk away from the motor, but unlike other safety release systems it doesn’t shut off the engine. So, you can pick up that missed debris or move those lawn chairs without having to restart the mower when you return.

Lawn-Boy® continues to be a leader in innovative technology, developing ways to help you cut yard work time to a minimum… giving you more time to enjoy ice cream and rowboats!

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