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Winter Lawn Care



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Winter Lawn Care

Do you miss your lawn? Fortunately, there are some winter lawn care projects that will cut the time until it’s time to cut the grass again.

First of all, winter is a good time to do that mower overhaul you put off all last summer.

• Clean up the underside of the deck
• Sharpen that blade!
• Change the oil.
• Clean (or replace) the spark plugs
• Replace the air filter.
• Most importantly, if you didn’t drain your mower last fall, do it now or add a few drops of a stabilizing agent. This will keep your gas from “varnishing” over winter and creating big problems for you when you want to rev her up again in the spring! The same goes for your gas edger or weed trimmer.
• While you’re at it, you might want to put that new line in your weed trimmer!

Tired of shoveling your turf? Consider putting some markers at your walkway and driveway edges. In addition to letting you know how far to go with your snow blower or shovel, it’ll keep pedestrians off your frozen grass.

You can make aeration a part of your late winter lawn care. If you don’t own a core aerator, find out where you can rent one. Late winter/early spring is the best time to aerate your lawn. In addition to creating new drainage paths for spring moisture, the beneficial organisms that live in your lawn will welcome a breath of fresh air.

Thinking of reseeding this spring? Devote some winter lawn care time to researching what types of seed give your lawn the most bang for your buck! Find out what grows best in your location and where you can get it… cheap!

If you live in a northern area, once the snow melts, you might want to complete winter lawn care by top dressing your lawn with some fine compost. Spring rains will wash it in and replenish some of the nutrients lost over winter.

Another consideration in winter lawn care is watering. In southern areas, if there has been no rainfall, you should have continued to water your lawn over winter. Although you live in the north, if you've experienced a “brown winter”, your lawn is probably pretty thirsty. Take advantage of a warm winter day (we do have them occasionally) to give it a drink.

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