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A Scag Lawn Mower for Heavy Duty Cutting



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A Scag Lawn Mower for Heavy Duty Cutting

Commercial landscapers need heavy duty, professional equipment. One of the most respected names in commercial mowers is Scag. A Scag lawn mower is built to last – quality construction and design make Scag one of the most trusted lawn mowers on the commercial market.

Scag has been making commercial mowers for over 20 years. In that time they have worked closely with the industry to satisfy customer’s needs and responded to suggestions from those who know – the commercial landscapers themselves. Scag lawn mowers are constantly being tested for design integrity so you know that you can trust a Scag lawn mower to include the latest in design innovations.

Each Scag lawn mower model goes through rigorous testing to ensure its dependability and durability. They are tested at various locations around North America to see if they are suitable for all types of terrain. Each prototype gets a full years testing by working contractors who provide valuable feedback about any limitations in design. After the prototype design has been approved by the Scag team and consulting contractors, the Scag lawn mower will go into production.

But it doesn’t stop there. Production models are continually being upgraded and the design refined to make each Scag lawn mower a precision machine that gives dependable, long-lasting service.

There are currently several models available in the Scag line-up. They include Zero turn riding mowers, self-powered walk behind mowers, bagging mowers and their innovative 3 wheel riding mower. Each Scag lawn mower is built to last – these machines come with 2 to 3 year warranties on all parts of the mower.

Professional landscapers need dependable machines that keep going under adverse conditions. Scag understands that landscaping businesses can’t accept “down time” – they need their mowers to be up and running as much as possible. That’s why Scag maintains a world-wide network of distributors and dealers ready to supply parts and repairs in the shortest time possible. If your Scag lawn mower needs servicing, most parts are available locally from your Scag dealer. Any parts that need to be ordered can be delivered within 24 hours from the factory.

Professional landscapers need the dependability that a Scag lawn mower can give. That’s why Scag remains a trusted name and an industry leader in commercial lawn mowers.

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