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All about Lawn Mower Blades

In order to keep your lawn healthy and attractive, your lawn mower has to be able to cut the grass cleanly and without tearing. Sharp blades are essential for proper cutting, so it’s important to check out your lawn mower blades on a regular basis.

If the lawn mower blades on your lawn mower are dull, the grass will not be cut – it will be torn. The results of torn grass are susceptibility to disease and browning from sun exposure. If your lawn doesn’t look healthy, the cause may be your lawn mower blades.

Sharpen the blades yourself or have it done

You can take you lawn mower to a service shop to get the blades sharpened, or you can do it yourself. If you decided to sharpen the lawn mower blades on your own, take a few precautions. Always drain the gas tank and remove the spark plug when working on the underside of your lawn mower. Even a small movement of the blades can be enough to start the engine – a dangerous event when your fingers are in the blade path.

Removal of the Blades

To remove the lawn mower blades from the mower, use an adjustable wrench to take off the center bolt. Inspect the blade for any nicks, and remove them by clamping the blade in a vise and using a file to smooth the edges.

Once the edges are smoothed, you can sharpen lawn mower blades with either a file a rotary grinder. Keep a watch on the balance – you can check which side is heavier by hanging the blade on a nail. The heavier side is the one that can have extra filing or grinding.

When sharpening the lawn mower blades, try not to change the angle of the cutting edge. The proper angle will extend the life of the blades and minimize the time needed between sharpenings.

What Timeframe

How often should you sharpen you lawn mower blades? That depends on how often you cut your grass, whether or not there are a lot of stones that the blades come in contact with and other factors. A general rule, though, is to sharpen the blades every 4 to 6 weeks.

Keeping your lawn mower blades in good condition ensures that lawn will stay healthy and attractive. Taking a few minutes to sharpen the blades is a good investment for the future of your lawn.

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