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Hustler Lawn Mower – A Name you can Trust

Hustler lawn mowers are made by Excel Industries – a company that began life as a farm equipment manufacturer. The dependability and durability that farm machinery requires has been incorporated into the Hustler lawn mower line, making these some of the most respected mowers amongst professional landscapers.

These mowers are primarily built for the commercial market, but the lawn mower and lawn care home owner can also buy a Hustler lawn mower. The FasTrak series is especially built for the residential market, but still meets the standards of professional machines.

FasTrak mowers are rider machines that give and excellent cut to your lawn while being easy to maneuver around common obstacles like trees and hedges. The trimming functions of this Hustler lawn mower allows you to get close to sidewalks and flower beds for a picture-perfect lawn every time.

The FasTrak line is available in a choice of engines and deck sizes. The side-discharge mowing decks can be optionally fitted with mulching kits and catchers. This Hustler lawn mower comes with a 2-year parts and labor guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on the frame. This kind of quality can’t be beat!

For those with smaller lawns, the Mini FasTrak is a perfect solution. These units feature a choice of powerful Honda or Kohler engines, two sizes of cutting decks, mulching capabilities and comfortable seating. Just as you would expect from a Hustler lawn mower, these machines come with a full two-year parts and labor guarantee.

Hustler also has a complete range of commercial mowers. The Super-Z is the fastest mower on the market, running at an amazing 15 miles per hour! For large areas, this Hustler lawn mower will outperform the competitors hands down.

The Super-Z is powered by a 25 horsepower oil-cooled engine. The hydraulic oil cooler ensures optimum temperatures even when running it at high speeds. Other features on this Hustler lawn mower include superior slope-handling abilities and vacuum catchers for reliable clean up no matter what the season.

The 4000 series in the Hustler lawn mower range offers unmatched performance and durability. These machines outperform the competitors in the range of an extra 15 acres per day. For the toughest jobs, the 4000 series is your only choice.

All Hustler lawn mowers are manufactured to the most exacting standards. The welded steel frames are so strong that they come with a lifetime guarantee. The hydraulic hosing also has a lifetime guarantee against leaking. And each Hustler lawn mower comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty – the best in the business.

For reliability, comfort, and a great looking lawn, nothing can beat a Hustler lawn mower!

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