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Keep On Cutting with Proper Lawn Mower Belts

Blades on most gas mowers are driven directly by the engine. Push mowers with a gas engine are relatively simple designs that don’t depend on belts, pulleys or any other mechanical aid. Lawn mower belts, however, are needed on some electric lawn mowers and self-propelled mowers.

Before purchasing a mower that uses lawn mower belts, check to see how easy it is to change the belt. Belts don’t last forever, and you can be sure that the belt will break after a couple of seasons use. If the belt is easy to change, great! Even better if you can easily find replacement belts.

Sometimes lawn mower belts can be difficult to find for a particular model lawn mower. Models go out of productions and spare parts for them disappear from the market. If your mower uses standard-sized lawn mower belts, you know you will always be able to find a replacement.

If the mower has been well-designed, changing the lawn mower belt should not be a big job. It should be relatively easy to loosen a few bolts, remove the old belt, slip on the new one and tighten everything up again.

Some mowers, though, are notorious for replacing the lawn mower belts. Some models of Murray lawn mowers require the entire disassembly of the machine to replace the belt. Talk to some service people before buying a particular lawn mower and see what they have to say about the difficulty of regular maintenance.

Belts are needed on self-propelled walk-behind mowers. The belts are what transmit power to the wheels, and if the lawn mower belt breaks, you will have to push the mower yourself. In the case of a broken belt, you will still be able to cut your lawn, but you will lose the advantage of the self-propelled mechanism.

Check the condition of the belts regularly and replace any lawn mower belts that are getting frayed or worn. This way, you can minimize any down time necessary for repairs.

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