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Caring For Your Lawn Mower Tires

Lawn mower tires are often an overlooked part of the machine. We pay attention to the motor, the drive mechanism and the blades, but often forget that it is the tires that are ultimately driving the lawn mower. Keeping your lawn mower tires in good condition and changing them on a regular basis goes a long way towards efficient lawn care.

Keeping the lawn mower tires and wheels in good shape is important for a number of reasons. As the point of contact between machine and ground, the tires transmit the pushing energy into movement. If you don’t have the proper tires or wheels on your lawn mower, you will need more energy to move the machine. This means sorer muscles or higher gasoline costs.

Not all mowers have inflatable lawn mower tires. Many of the walk-behind models have plastic or metal wheels that are suitable for the lighter weight of these machines. All riding mowers have inflatable tires, though, to support the weight of the machine and to provide efficient maneuverability.

Lawn mower tires have to be kept at the proper inflation. If they are too soft, they require more energy to move, and can get stuck more easily in soft ground. If the tires are too hard, on the other hand, they are more prone to puncture – especially on rough terrain. The proper inflation should be marked on the side of the tire – just as on a car.

Lawn mower tires for tractor lawn mowers have many of the same features as car tires. They are available in a variety of treads, and come in different heights and widths. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the most suitable tires for your mower.

The various treads available for lawn mower tires allow you to choose a tire that is suitable for your yard. Wide, stubby tires are good for superior traction under a variety of conditions, while smoother, narrower tires are better for fair-weather use. Take into account your climate and lawn mower habits when choosing lawn mower tires.

Check the pressure on your lawn mower tires at least once a week. It’s a good habit to go over the entire machine before using it. This way, you can spot potential problems and correct them before they turn into major repair jobs.

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