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Everything You Need To Know About Lawn Mower Wheels



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Everything You Need To Know About Lawn Mower Wheels

An important but often overlooked part of the lawn mower is its wheels. They must be kept in good condition to ensure that the mower travels smoothly over the lawn with the least amount of resistance. Lawn mower wheels that are worn or improperly attached to the mower can contribute to excess power consumption – electric, gas or human.

After a few years use, lawn mower wheels often become loose and wobbly. This can make the mower more difficult to push and to steer. Because the change is gradual, we often don’t notice the decreased efficiency the damaged wheels are causing, but once corrected, you will wonder how you ever managed to push the mower with bad wheels.

It’s a good habit to give your lawn mower an inspection every 4 to 6 weeks. Check to see if the lawn mower wheels are tightly attached to the body of the mower and that they spin freely. At the same time, you can inspect the underside of the mower and the blade for any defects. Use a wire brush to clean out any excess hardened grass that has accumulated. Before working on the mower, drain the gas tank and take out the spark plug. This will prevent the engine from accidentally starting when your fingers are in the path of the blades.

If the lawn mower wheels are damaged, replacement wheels can be bought at most hardware or garden supply shops. When attaching the new wheels, make sure they do not wobble and that they spin freely.

Self-propelled lawn mowers have special requirements in regards to wheels because any impediment to the drive mechanism is going to affect gas consumption. Make sure the entire transmission is operating correctly and that the lawn mower wheels are always in good shape.

By spending a few minutes every month or so inspecting your lawn mower, you will be able to keep up with small maintenance chores and prevent them from becoming major problems. Include the lawn mower wheels in this inspection to keep your mower rolling smoothly.

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