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Riding Lawn Mower

The riding lawn mower can take the drudgery out of cutting the lawn. It is the most efficient way to cut a big lawn and it is fun to operate. When the push mower is out and you have one of these in the garage, many families fight over who gets to cut the lawn.

Commercial Lawnmower Business

Of course, the riding lawn mower is also an important player in the commercial lawn care business. Any business, health club or public facility that has a large expanse of lawn will find a riding mower good for cutting down on labor costs.

Commercial landscapers who cut many lawns each day find that a riding mower is the best way to quickly serve their customers needs.

Advantages of the Riding Mowers

One of the big advantages of a riding lawn mower over a push  mower is the speed at which it cuts the grass in you backyard. This advantage is even more obvious when dealing with very large grassy areas. The speed of the mower becomes important when you have a large area of grass to cut. Some models go up to 15 mph, but extra care has to be taken when driving a riding lawn mower at top speed.

Limitations of these Mowers

There are limitations to riding lawn mowers. They cannot always get into tight spaces, and cutting on a hill requires special precautions. Always use the mower going up and down the hill rather than across it to prevent it from tipping over.

What to look out for

Care also has to be taken that the path of the mower is reasonably clear. Any small stones or other hard objects that the riding lawn mower passes over can be expelled from the cutting deck with enough speed to cause serious damage. Always make sure that nobody is in the path of the cutter discharge when operating a riding lawn mower.

Which Mower Suits you Best

When buying a machine like this, choose the largest deck size possible. Larger decks will cut a wider path which means that the cutting job will be finished more quickly. On the other hand, you don’t want a deck so large that it will be difficult to maneuver around the obstacles in your yard.

More Considerations when buying

Check to see how easily you can make a turn. Some models feature a “zero turn radius” meaning that they can go around objects with no loss of cutting space. If your yard has a lot of obstacles like trees and planters, one of these mowers may be suitable for you.

Most people enjoy the convenience of a riding lawn mower and the extra versatility it brings. For anyone with a mid to large size lawn, a riding lawn mower is worth checking out.

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