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The Future Is Here With a Robotic Lawn Mower

Cutting the lawn is one of the great drudge jobs of the 21st century. With all our technology, why can’t we find a way to make lawn cutting easier? Sure, riding mowers help by making the job a bit faster and at least you can sit down while doing the work, but what we really need is a robotic lawn mower to make life easier.

Well, a robotic lawn mower is no longer a futuristic dream. There are a number of these machines on the market today, and they promise automatic lawn cutting while you sit back and relax.

These units are battery powered and very quiet. Some models can be programmed to cut the grass on regularly, say every Tuesday morning or whenever you want. A robotic lawn mower is not intelligent, though. It requires a perimeter boundary of some type, otherwise it will cut the all the lawns from here to Nantucket.

The most common type of perimeter boundary is an underground cable that the robotic lawn mower can sense. This is place all around your yard, and the mower stays within these limits. Some models can use a small fence as a boundary – when it hits the fence (or any other object) it knows to turn.

A robotic lawn mower is usually equipped with a number of sensors. It can detect the perimeter cable, and there are sensors that detect near-by objects. If the unit is picked up, the motor turns off and the blades stop turning. It can also tell you when its battery is getting low and some models will even recharge themselves automatically.

One of these automatic robotic lawn mowers is the RoboMower (manufactured by Zucchetti). This is a truly automatic robotic lawn mower. It is housed in a charging station that can stay on an unobtrusive part of your lawn. When the battery runs low, the mower will go back to the charging station until the battery is re-powered. This unit has senors that tell it when the grass is too wet to cut, and will adjust its cutting schedule to wait for better cutting conditions.

Robotic lawn mowers are wonderful gadgets. Anyone who hates cutting the lawn will appreciate the set-it-and-forget-it features of a robotic lawn mower. Check them out today!

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