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Scotts Lawn Mower Parts Last Longer with a Regular Maintenance Routine

 A good maintenance routine is the best way to get the most from your Scotts lawn mower. The lawn mower parts are tough and durable, but like parts on every other piece of power equipment, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Caring for and regularly replacing worn Scotts lawn mower parts will lengthen the life of your lawn mower and prevent inconvenient breakdowns and painful safety hazards.

Before Maintenance Read the Manual

Before performing any maintenance, and before replacing any Scotts lawn mower parts, refer to the manufacturer's maintenance manual. Information provided in a maintenance manual will help you understand how your mower works, identify which Scotts lawn mower parts will need regular replacement and maintenance, and locate model numbers, parts numbers and other important information you need to reorder and replace worn parts.

Check the Blade

One of the most important Scotts lawn mower parts to regularly maintain is the blade. If you own a push mower, clean grass and other debris from blades with a stick or wire brush before each use. Wash the blades off with a hose when necessary and regularly wipe each blade and all visible metal Scotts lawn mower parts with an oily rag after you spray them with water. Keep lawn mower blades sharp and regularly check for loose bolts, tangled wires or other debris that could prevent a sharp blade from spinning freely.

It is just as important to keep blades clean on power mowers. You also need to keep cooling fins around the engine clean. Internal Scotts lawn mower parts can be irreparably damaged if your engine overheats. Use a clean, dry rag to wipe down the engine and housing of your Scotts lawn mower after each use and be careful to clean around the oil and gas openings.

As you clean your lawn mower, protect delicate  parts from excess moisture including the spark plugs. Use a wet rag around spark plugs instead of spraying that area directly with a hose.

Clean  the parts on the underside of your power mower often, especially if you are cutting wet, very green or damp grass. Protect yourself by pulling the spark plug wire free from the plug so it won't accidentally start while you are working so close to the blade.

Remember, Scotts lawn mower parts can crack if you spray water directly on hot engine parts.

Clear the Air filter

To keep your Scotts lawn mower parts working together smoothly, change the oil in power mowers every 25 operating hours. Clean the air filter when you change the oil. If you are using your lawn mower in a dusty area on a regular basis, clean the air filter more often.

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