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Rest Assured with a Sears Lawn Mower

Sears is a company you can count on for all your purchases. Lawn mowers are no exception. Sears carries Black and Decker and Craftsman lawn mowers- two names that mean reliability and good quality. When you buy a Sears lawn mower you know you are getting the best.

Most of the mowers available from Sears are made by Craftsman. The models from Black and Decker are electric lawn mowers and feature side 3-in-1 decks to mulch, discharge or bag the lawn clippings. Electric mowers require very little maintenance, and a Sears lawn mower is no different.

The Craftsman line that Sears carries includes a full range of walk-behind and rider mowers. They feature powerful gasoline motors and the walk-behind models are available in both self-powered and push styles. You’re sure to find a Sears lawn mower from Craftsman to match your needs.

The walk-behind mowers are available in either side or rear discharge models. These mowers range all the way from an economical 4.5 horsepower right up to the top-of-the-line 6.5 horsepower Honda powered workhorse. If you have a small yard and simple mowing requirements, the smaller model will be perfect for you. For average to large sized yards, the larger models have features like front-wheel propelled gear drives and a built-in mulching system. A Sears lawn mower from Craftsman has all the features that you need.

The rear-discharge models are suitable for either mulching or bagging of the clippings. These models are well-built and suitable for both residential and commercial use. The self-propelled models make lawn mowing a breeze. These machines from the Sears lawn mower division feature easy to adjust cutting height and reliable and quiet motors.

If you want to go the traditional route, you can always buy a reel Sears lawn mower. These quality machines from Craftsman are powered by good old fashioned muscle and sweat – nothing to pollute the environment. There are many advantages to a reel mower, including being healthier for your lawn. Craftsman makes two models of reel mowers and both are available at Sears.

When you buy a Sears lawn mower you are getting the assurance of big names like Craftsman and Black and Decker. If that weren’t enough, Sears backs all the products they sell with their exclusive “satisfaction guaranteed” policy. When you buy from Sears, you know you will be satisfied with your purchase.

For a great selection of mowers at a great price head down to Sears and check out their stock. You will be more than happy when you bring lawn mower and lawn care home a Sears lawn mower!

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