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Craftsman: Sears Riding Lawn Mowers Make Mowing Your Lawn Affordable

Sears riding lawn mowers are made for people who want Craftsman quality, but don't want to pay a ton of money. The Craftsman 13.5 horse power, 30-inch cutting deck rear-engine motor is a side discharge model that comes mulch-ready. It also fits through a standard 36-inch gate. If you are working on less than one acre, Sears riding lawn mowers are made with you in mind, especially this rear-engine mower.

You will enjoy a tight turning radius with this mower and -- typical of Sears riding lawn mowers -- a Briggs & Stratton engine. The rear engine rider weighs about 358 pounds and features a two-year limited warranty. With a five-speed forward manual transmission and the shifter mounted right on the fender, you will find it easy to go wherever you need to go on this riding lawn mower.

This mower has a great cooling fan and cast iron cylinder liner. The ignition is electronic to start you off with 13.5 horses under the engine. There are no overhead valves and the mower features a splash lubrication system and L-head valve design.

This Craftsman lawn mower easily accepts accessories like the bagger. Hauling Equipment can be attached as can Lawn Care Attach. The Sears Mulch Kit is included. You can purchase a Craftsman 13.5 horse power, 30-inch cutting deck rear-engine mower for about $1,200 where Sears riding lawn mowers are sold. The Craftsman 13.5 horse power, 30-inch deck riding mower regularly retails for about $1,400. It is designed to easily maneuver around your yard and around obstacles. This side-discharge unit also comes mulch-ready.

Like other Sears riding lawn mowers, this one features a Briggs & Stratton engine. Expect a tight turning radius and an automatic drive that offers infinite speeds with the push of a pedal. If you are working on less than one acre and have tow manipulate your way around gardens, flower beds and side walks, this is a good riding lawn mower to consider. This mid-engine model weighs about 358 pounds and it also comes with a two-year warranty. The drive system allows infinite speeds forward and backward. An automatic transmission comes standard with the shifter located on the fender. A pressurized lubrication system is also standard along with overhead valves. You will also enjoy six to eight different cutting positions with the 30-inch swath.

Look for these Sears riding lawn mowers wherever Craftsman products are sold.

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