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Snapper Walk Behind Lawn Mowers: Built with You in Mind

Snapper walk behind lawn mowers offer so much versatility, and yet the same quality you have come to expect from the smiling green turtle. Available in push or self-propelled models Snapper walk behind lawn mowers make it possible for you to mow, mulch and bag. Ninja technology developed by Snapper makes mulching easy. Snapper walk behind lawn mowers are categorized into mulchers, Hi-Vac Baggers, rear discharge and Hi-Wheel models.

Snapper thought of you when they perfected 6-speed on-the-go shifting so you can maintain a comfortable speed when the mower is adjusted to ground speed according to the condition of your lawn. Snapper walk behind lawn mowers were developed by manufacturers who know how important it is for you to be able to easily maneuver around your yard and for that they developed the smooth-turn differential.

Snapper walk behind lawn mowers are reliable, but if you do have trouble they can be easily serviced. When you "test drive" or "test push" one check out the exclusive disc drive.

Everyone wants to get the most the can out of a machine and Snapper walk behind lawn mowers are quickly converted to do the job you want to do. Mow your lawn and discharge waste from the side, mulch it or bag it depending on what your yard needs most.

You will find Snapper walk behind lawn mowers to be of the finest construction including 14-guage, high-tempered, Dura-Steel mower decks, solid-steel axles, and heavy-duty wheel brackets and handles.
Which Mower is Right for You?

Since there are so many styles of Snapper walk behind lawn mowers you might have a hard time choosing. One thing is for sure, there is a Snapper mower that can do what you need it to do. The Snapper Hi-Wheel mower is tough as a turtle's shell. Mow along fence lines, in ditches and then turn around and manicure your well-kept lawn. This mower is self-propelled. A 26-inch cutting width makes quick work of your yard duties and it features front swivel caster wheels and 12-inch rear wheels.
If you are into recycling, you will love the Snapper walk behind lawn mowers and mulchers. Make better use of your yard debris by mulching cuttings. Mulchers come in push or self-propelled models and you choose which kind of start engine you want from powerful recoil to electric. Whether you're looking for something light weight or a workhorse, Snapper's got it.
Snapper takes great pride in rear discharge models. A cast-aluminum deck and three speed Tuff-Torg gear-drive transmission are just two of the features added into this model. Unlike other Snapper walk behind mowers the large discharge opening and double-wave blade makes it easier to cut even where your grass is wet. The Snapper Hi-Vac bagging mower will suck your lawn trimmings, leaves and pine needles right into the bag. With this model you get a rolled under deck design with a high-volume top discharge. Push it or purchase a self-propelled model, but don't use it on your living room floor (you might be tempted to).

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