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Clean or Replace Crucial Toro Lawn Mower Parts before You Tuck Your Mower in for the Winter

Your Toro lawn mower has worked hard for you all summer. Now it's time for a little tender loving care. Before you let your Toro lawn mower slip into hibernation, take some time to tuck it in so it will "wake up" next spring with clean Toro lawn mower parts that are ready to make your engine purr and groom your lawn to perfection. Toro lawn mower parts will last longer if you maintain and store the machine properly throughout the entire year.

A clean carburetor is critical to keep your Toro lawn mower running smooth. When you finally make that last pass over your lawn in the fall, empty the fuel tank. Stale gas will gum up your carburetor and allow rust to creep in. Rust is murder on Toro lawn mower parts. Add a fuel stabilizer to the tank and then run the mower for a little while to help it pass through the machine. After the engine has cooled, siphon gas into a clean, plastic gas container. Make sure it's a container approved for fuel storage. If the gas hasn't been mixed with oil, use it in your car. Start the engine of the lawn mower several times to completely clear fuel lines.

Find spark plug and disconnect its wire so the engine doesn't accidentally start while you perform maintenance on other Toro lawn mower parts.

Now, remove the blade. Simply unscrew the bolds that hold the blade in place. If your blade is as sharp as it should be, you will need heavy gloves to handle it. The blade is one of the Toro lawn mower parts most susceptible to damage. Blades become nicked and dull. Have it sharpened while the blade is off, or buy a new one now if you have to so that you can mow to your heart's content the minute spring fever sets in.

Change the oil if you have a 4-cycle engine. Dispose of used oil properly to protect the environment. Be careful not to let gas and oil spill on to your air filter, carburetor or other Toro lawn mower parts. Don't forget to replace the oil plug once you have drained all of the old oil. You can pour fresh oil into the tank once you finish replacing the blade and cleaning the bottom of the mower.

Scrape all build-up and debris from the bottom of the mower so rust won't build up during wet weather months. Clear the passageway to the discharge chute. When you shop for Toro lawn mower parts, buy a new paper air filter. If the air filter on your mower is a sponge filter, clean it well and let it dry completely before you put it back on. Dab fresh oil onto a sponge filter. Don't forget to clean the cooling fins!

Replace the spark plug even if it "looks just fine." This will prevent you from having problems starting your lawn mower in the spring and will prevent you from having to make a trip to the local Toro lawn mower parts store when you would rather be doing your yard work next spring.

Tuck your lawn mower and all of its accessories and spare Toro lawn mower parts in for the winter. Store them in a clean, dry place where you will easily be able to access them next spring.

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