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Toro Riding Lawn Mowers Get You Movin' Across the Green - and More!

Since 1914 Toro has made products to help its customers enhance the outdoor environment. With Toro riding lawn mowers, having a beautiful yard is easier than ever before. Toro riding lawn mowers come in many different styles - and prices - with special features and various available attachments.

One of the most popular Toro riding lawnmowers series is the TimeCutter Z. Toro built the TimeCutter for affordable productivity and a smooth, even cut. For $2,899 to $3,999 you will get Toro's Zero Turning Radius Technology in this no-bull machine. Take turns easily and manicure your lawn around twists and turns in style and in less time that it takes to make several passes to get it right on other lawn tractors. The TimeCutter features a two-year warranty. Many accessories are available for this model including a twin gagger that lets you pick up lawn clippings, leaves and debris quickly. You can also opt for a snow blade, light kit and arm rest.

Try the TimeCutter ZX

Toro riding lawn mowers are designed with every budget in mind. The TimeCutter ZX is a cut above the TimeCutter Z and so is the price. You can park one of these in your back yard for about $4,599 to $5,299. This model includes the unmatched versatility feature that allows you to "spin around at the row's end without losing a moment of time or inches of mowing overlap," according to the manufacturer. This model features a two-year warranty, speed and a clear, unobstructed view because the TimeCutter's engine is in the rear. Attachments are available for the TimeCutter ZX including an 11 cubic foot Vac Bagger, a snow blade, a light kit and an arm rest.

5xi Series Toro Riding Lawn Mowers and Tractors

Looking for more than something to mow your lawn? The 5xi garden tractor offers you a great mowing deck and so much more. Of course, to get more you'll have to pay more. These bundles of Toro joy retail from $6,009 to $8,899. A favorite feature of Toro riding lawn mowers is KeyChoice Reverse which allows the operator to mow or operate attachments while in reverse. This model also features Smart Turn Steering. To increase its versatility, consider a tiller attachment, a Vac Bagger, sweeper, dump cart, grader blade, dozer, snow blade, roller, bucket loader or sunshade.

Listen to the 400XT Run!

For $3,719 to $5,019 you could own a Toro 400XT and its step-through design, tilt steering and cruise control. The 400XT's Attach-A-Matic makes connecting Toro garden tractor implements quick and easy! Your attachments from your classic Wheel Horse tractor will hook right up and have you working (while hardly working) in no time.

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