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The Advantages of an Electric Lawn Mower

To many people, the words “lawn mower” conjures up the picture of a gas-powered thundering beast that is difficult to start and unpleasant to use. If you dislike the noise and smells that go along with gas mowers, maybe you should consider buying an electric lawn mower.

An electric lawn mower has many advantages over its gas-powered counterpart. It is quieter (something both you and your neighbours will appreciate), and much cleaner to operate, both in terms of air pollution and the need to store gas and oil in the garage.

The amount of air pollution caused by gas lawn mowers is considerable. Small engines are not subject to the same pollution control standards as cars, and consequently, gas mowers are responsible for 5% of the air pollution in the United States. An electric lawn mower has no emissions of any kind, and is also better on noise pollution that a gas mower.

Electric Lawn Mowers Are Economical

An electric lawn mower is also economical to run. It requires almost no maintenance, so there are no costly tune-ups and oil changes, and only uses about $5 of electricity per year.

There are two types of electric lawn mower – corded or cordless. Corded models are usually less expensive, but care has to be taken to keep the cord out of the way of the mower and away from children and pets. Cordless mowers have built in battery chargers so they simply have to be plugged in after each use to keep them fully charged.

If you are considering buying a cordless electric lawn mower, take into consideration the size of your lawn. This will determine how big of a battery you need. Usually a 24 volt battery is suitable for small or medium size lawns and a 36 volt battery is for larger lawns. Check out the recharge times as well – many batteries take 16 to 20 hours to recharge.

Once you start using an electric lawn mower, you will never want to go back to a gas machine. Electric lawn mowers are cleaner, quieter, lighter, and have a full set of accessories that will suit any lawn mower and lawn care home owner.

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