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Safely Maintain and Operate Riding Lawn Mowers

There are a variety of riding lawn mowers on the market today. Some of them offer high horse power, versatility through attachments, excellent maneuverability and more; but, the most important feature on which you can focus is that of safety. You are responsible for the safety of the riding lawn mowers you operate.

Riding Lawn mowers are very convenient but be careful they come with a lot of horsepower's. Maintenance is a real issue here

Whatever you do READ THE MANUAL

Before you even start a riding lawn mower read, understand and follow manufacturer's operating instructions. Riding lawn mowers can make your life so much easier when you care for a large lawn and garden, but they can also become serious safety hazards if you don't use the right equipment or maintain it properly.

Protect your face and head when operating riding lawn mowers. Wear hearing and head protection and guard your vision with heavy safety glasses. Flying sticks, rocks and other yard debris can (and will) fly out from under your mowing machine. Clear the area of large materials that could be thrown from the blade before you mow.

Did you know that riding lawn mower blades can throw material out at about 300 feet per second? That's right around 200 miles per hour. Don't count on being able to clear a flying object's path before it hits you. Riding lawn mowers have no mercy when used improperly.

Your riding lawn mowers should be maintained in good condition, but you need to keep the attachments you use in good working order too. Make sure the attachments are free of rust so they move freely and properly and periodically tighten nuts and bolts on the attachments to avoid an accident due to poor maintenance.

Sometimes safety devices and guards get in the way. They are not nearly as inconvenient as losing an arm, a foot or other body part that is subject to the unrelenting blades and quick-moving parts of riding lawn mowers. Keep those safety features in place.

Check often to see that your blade is sharp and secure. Set the mower to the highest cutting point when you move over rough ground that could result in flying debris. Be sure to disengage all attachment clutches and shift your riding lawn mowers into neutral before starting them.

And, as always, check in front of and behind you before you even begin to move a riding lawn mower. If you take the time to stay safe, riding lawn mowers can make quick, safe work of caring for your lawn.

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