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How to Choose a Walk Behind Lawn Mower

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Choosing a Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The most popular type of lawn mower by far is the walk behind lawn mower, but within this type there are many variations. There are manual, electric, gasoline, self-propelled and push models. Each has benefits and drawbacks, but there is usually one that best suits you and your lawn.Lawn Mower Blues

The traditional lawn mower from grandfather’s day is the manual walk behind mower. These are still being manufactured and have many proponents. They are said to be healthier for your lawn because of the way they snip the grass rather than tearing at it the way a powered rotary mower does. They are certainly healthier for the owner and the environment – they give a good workout and there is no air or noise pollution.

Powered lawn mowers fall into two types – electric and gasoline. An electric walk behind lawn mower is quieter than the gasoline mower and doesn’t give off any air pollution. Many people don’t like electric mowers because the cord gets in the way and can be run over and cut by the mower. These objections are dealt with by cordless electric mowers.

A cordless electric walk behind lawn mower has the advantages of the corded model – low noise and air pollution – without the disadvantage of maneuvering around a cord. Cordless electric mowers run on batteries, and the size of the battery determines how large an area the mower will cut without needing to be recharged. Cordless electric lawn mowers are suitable for average sized lawns up to about 1/3 of an acre.

Gasoline mowers don’t have the inconvenience of recharging batteries, and many gasoline mowers are self-propelled. A self propelled walk behind lawn mower has a drive mechanism that propels that mower forward, making grass cutting a much easier chore. There are many types of self-propelled models. Some offer only one speed, while others have variable speeds that automatically match the walking speed of the operator.

Regular push gasoline mowers are simpler machines and less likely to need repairs than self-propelled models. A walk behind lawn mower of this type is the most popular type of lawn mower on the market today. They are relatively simple to operate and repair and the new overhead cam engines are less polluting than older style engines.

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